American Students from Brooklyn High–”We are coming, China !”

When Jeremiah Murphy, a senior at the Brooklyn High School of the Arts, was asked by his foreign language teacher whether he would like to take a Mandarin class, Murphy never considered he would be going to China. “My teacher even told me one day you may need this because you might just want to go to China,” Murphy said. “My response to her is I don’t think I’m going to China anytime soon, but I’m going now.”

Brooklyn High School team will perform melodious songs, including Heal the World and The Impossible Dream on their trip to China. ”I’m excited to interact with people at our age from China and all over the world,” Murphy said. “I plan to pursue a career in performing arts once I leave high school.” ”I love Chinese history, and I’ve already done lots of research about Beijing’s history and culture,” said Caraballo-another team member, “I can’t wait to visit the Great Wall.”

“I’m glad these brilliant young kids can have the opportunity to go to China for a musical and cultural exchange,” said Charles Sullivan, coordinator of the trip. “These students will meet with students from every province in China, tell them about American culture and learn about Chinese culture while they are living and performing together.”

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