Zhejiang University of Technology

Zhejiang University of Technology-Degree Programs Delivered in English-Tuition Fee from USD 2300, Living expanses from USD 2800 each year.Zhejiang University of Technology (ZJUT) is one of the best universities in China. It is situated in Hangzhou, a picturesque historical and cultural city, yet well developed. With a student population of over 40000, and the teaching, research plus administrative staffs of over 4000, ZJUT is also one of the biggest universities in China. ZJUT has 24 colleges,It offers Bachelor Degree,Master Degree and PhD programs in Science, Engineering, IT, Liberal arts, Law, Agriculture, Design, Economics, Management, Pharmaceutical science, Education and many more. ZJUT also offers short term courses in Mandarin and Chinese Culture. To better facilitate scientific research, international exchange and co-operation, ZJUT has established partnerships with more than 50 universities from the US, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the Netherlands, Sweden etc. The University now consists of 3 campuses, covering a total area of over 213 hectares, with a building floor space of 840,000 square meters. ZJUT welcomes students from all over the world

ZJUT Bachelor Degree Program Delivered in English

International Economics and Trade(Chinese Business)/International Economics and Trade/Electrical Engineering & Automation/Communication Engineering/Computer Science and Technology/Software Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Environmental Engineering/Biological Engineering/Chemical Engineering and Technology/Applied Chemistry/LAW (International Law)/Civil Engineering/Pharmaceutical Engineering/Material Engineering

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