Top Priority Provincial Discipline
Discipline of Regional Economics
Key Discipline (Class A)
Discipline of Mechanical Design and Theory
Discipline of Fashion Design and Engineering
Key Discipline (Class B)
Discipline of Textile Chemistry and Dyeing Engineering
Discipline of Material
Design Art

  • School of Sciences
  • Faculty of Materials and Textiles
  • School of Fashion Design & Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering & Automation
  • Faculty of Informatics & Electronics
  • School of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • School of Life Science
  • School of Economics & Management
  • School of Art & Design
  • School of Law and Politics
  • School of Foreign Languages Studies
  • School of Culture Communication
  • School of Marxism Studies
  • Qixin School
  • College of Continuing Education
  • Instructional Division for Computer Technology
  • Department of Physical Education
  • College of Science and Art